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Your application was submitted successfully and has automatically been added to our waiting list.

We check the list whenever a program vacancy arises and notify the next family in line. If the family accepts, they are then removed from the list.

Please Note The Following:

Getting confirmation that you are on our waiting list does not guarantee you a spot at our daycare and we suggest that all families apply to additional waiting lists at other daycare facilities.

We only have a realistic idea if we have a spot in a program two to three months prior. If you haven’t heard from us by then it could mean one of the following:

1. We did not have an opening in the program you requested at the time you requested.

2. A sibling priority took the spot.

3. Your application was not next in line (note we do not designate a number of where your child is on our list; it goes by the application date).

Daycare Facility Tours

Tours are only provided when a spot is offered to a family.